CERN School of Computing 1996 - Last update: 18 JUL 1996

A small number of places are still available - latest deadline is now 5 July.
The 1996 CERN School of Computing is organised by CERN, in collaboration with ASCI and NIKHEF.

This year's School is a little different from usual. In recent years the programme has been structured into a number of important themes for modern computing systems. The first week of the school is devoted to themes of general relevance both inside and outside particle physics: the second explores a number of themes in more depth with particular reference to the current computing challenges facing the particle physics community.

In 1996, the first week of the school is being organised jointly with the ASCI organisation in the Netherlands. ASCI is an Inter-University Graduate Research School set up by Dutch Universities to coordinate research and training in the area of Computing and Imaging Systems. The first week of CSC'96 will, therefore, be combined with the ASCI Summer School.

The programme for the School this year covers seven themes: Imaging, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Networks and Electronic Highway, Data Acquisition Systems, Collaborative Engineering and Simulation, Detectors/Imaging, Modern Programming Language Trends.

The first three themes will be covered in week one with the participation of the ASCI students. There will be tutorial sessions during both weeks and the tutorial topic for week two will be "Programming Web Applications in Java".

MR, JT - Last update: 18 JUL 1996