CERN School of Computing 1996 - Last update: 18 JUL 1996

Date and place of the School

Date and place

The nineteenth CERN School of Computing will be held in:

Hotel Zuiderduin,
Egmond aan Zee,
The Netherlands
from Sunday, 8 September to Saturday, 21 September 1996.

The participants will be accommodated in the Hotel Zuiderduin, situated near the sea in the village of Egmond aan Zee.

The village of Egmond aan Zee, where good food and pleasant shops can be found, is surrounded by kilometres of broad sand dunes - these in turn lead to an impressive polderland that, at a distance of 8 kilometres is crowned by the city of Alkmaar. This city is well known for its cheese market held every Friday, with carriers dressed in traditional guild costumes, and for its demonstrations of old trades. From Alkmaar the famous city of Amsterdam can be reached by the intercity train in about 35 minutes.

More information about the Hotel Zuiderduin, Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands, and general tourist information, is available from the WWW pages prepared by Ron de Beer.


All those participating in the School will be lodged in comfortable double rooms with private bathrooms. Lectures and tutorials will be given at the hotel which is located in the centre of the village, at walking distance from the beach. The hotel provides extensive recreational facilities.


Students should reach Egmond aan Zee for registration during the afternoon or evening of Sunday, 8 September. The School will end on the morning of Saturday, 21 September after breakfast. Egmond aan Zee is easily reached by train and plane. The nearest international airport is Amsterdam airport. It takes about one hour to travel by public transport from Amsterdam airport to Egmond aan Zee. It is planned to organise transport from and to Amsterdam airport on the days of arrival and departure of the participants.

Arriving by plane

International airlines usually arrive at Amsterdam airport (Schiphol). A shuttle bus is being arranged to take people arriving at Amsterdam airport on Sunday, 8 September to the Hotel Zuiderduin at Egmond aan Zee, and again for those leaving the hotel for Amsterdam airport on Saturday, 21 September. Exact details about this shuttle service will be communicated in due course.

Arriving by train

International trains usually stop at Amsterdam Central Station. There are two ways to reach Egmond aan Zee :

Arriving by road

Public transport timetables

Trains from Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) to Amsterdam-Central Station
Travelling time 15-20 minutes (depending on train).

Trains from Amsterdam Central Station to Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol)
Travelling time 15-20 minutes (depending on train).

Trains from Amsterdam Central Station to Alkmaar (via Heiloo)

Amsterdam CS Heiloo Alkmaar  
5.37 6.16 6.21monday-friday
6.11 6.496.54 monday-saturday
6.367.14 7.20 monday-saturday
6.52no stop7.23 monday-saturday
7.36 8.148.20monday-saturday
7.52no stop8.23 
the regular pattern is:
8.068.44 8.50 
8.22 8.488.53  
8.369.14 9.20 
8.52 no stop 9.23 
this pattern continues until:
23.360.14 0.20  
0.06 0.44 0.50 
0.35 1.03 1.08  
0.52 1.30 1.36 last train

Trains from Alkmaar to Amsterdam Central Station (via Heiloo)

Alkmaar Heiloo Amsterdam CS monday- saturday
6.046.09 6.48  
6.216.26 7.06 monday-friday
6.33 6.38 7.11 monday-friday
6.37 6.42 7.19 monday-saturday
6.49 6.54 7.35 monday-friday
7.05 7.10 7.41 monday-saturday
7.08 7.13 7.52 monday-friday
7.37 no stop 8.11 monday-saturday
7.40 7.458.25 monday-saturday
7.487.53 8.28 monday-friday
the regular pattern is:
8.08 no stop8.41 
8.118.16 8.54  
8.388.43 9.11  
8.41 8.46 9.26  
this pattern continues until:
0.080.13 0.50 last train

Bus from Alkmaar railway station to Egmond bus station
Line 165; travelling time 26 minutes

Monday to FridayFrom 7.07 until 19.07every 30 minutes
From 19.07 until 23.07every hour
0.02 last bus
Saturday 7.13 first bus
From 8.07 until 18.07 every 30 minutes
From 18.07 until 23.07every hour
0.02 last bus
Sunday 9.07 first bus
From 10.07 until 17.07every 30 minutes
From 17.07 until 23.07every hour
0.02 last bus

Bus from Egmond bus station to Alkmaar railway station
Line 165; travelling time 23 minutes

Monday to FridayFrom 6.35 until 18.35 every 30 minutes
From 18.35 until 23.35 every hour
Saturday From 7.35 until 18.35every 30 minutes
From 18.35 until 23.35 every hour
0.24 last bus
Sunday From 8.35 until 10.35every hour
From 10.35 until 17.35every 30 minutes
From 17.35 until 23.35every hour

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