CSC2003 Programme Track Description



GT: Grid Technologies

Jesus Marco Heinz Stockinger


The Grid Track covers several aspects of Grid computing and provides the ability to get hand-on experience with modern Grid tools. A major part will be dedicated to Grid software that has been produced within the the EU  DataGrid project (EDG). A special high light is the presence one of the people who created the Grid concept.  EDG has as its aim to develop a large-scale research testbed for Grid computing. The project is in its final phase and a testbed spanning some ten major sites all over Europe has been up and running continuously since the beginning of 2002. Three application domains are using this testbed to explore the potential that Grid computing has for their production environments: Particle physics, Earth observation and Biomedics.  The tutorials will present the EDG software architecture and discuss the interplay of basic grid software (Globus, Condor), higher level EDG middleware, and application software on the EDG testbed. Emphasis will be put on specific middleware issues in job submission and data management as well as on EDG's security architecture. In several exercises students will learn how to use Grid tools for their distributed data or computing intensive applications. In addition, two optional hours of exercises will be proposed to students, focusing on network performance aspects of the Grid.
This forms the bulk of the Grid track. This is complemented by two Looking ahead lecturers, on the evolution, prospects and future of the Grid give by Carl Kesselman.


Lectures Grid Technologies

EDG Team

  GT-GT-L-1 Introduction to the Grid Track, Grid computing and overview of the DataGrid project    
  GT-GT-L-2 Security Issues and Overview of the EDG Testbed    
  GT-GT-L-3 Job Submission / Workload Management    
  GT-GT-L-4 Data Management    
  GT-GT-L-5 Information Systems - Software Installation/Configuration    
  GT-GT-L-6 Software Installation/Configuration II - Applications on the Grid    
The Open Grid Services Architecture and the Globus Toolkit: Status and Future Directions C.Kesselman
  GT-FG-L-1 Series of two lectures by C.Kesselman    
Networking QoS Basics F.Fluckiger 1




EDG exercises  EDG Team 6
Mini-project EDG Team 2
Wrap up EDG Team 2
Networking performances EDG Team 2


Total hours   18+3

 Italics: Optional lectures 

EDG Team: E.Laure H.Stockinger K.Stockinger

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