University of Milan and INFN, Milan - Italy

I am a postdoc in University of Milan, department of Physics, and I'm a member of the BaBar Collaboration and recently a new member of Atlas Collaboration.  BaBar is an experiment of High Energy Physics running at SLAC, Menlo Park, CA. Currently I'm the Physics Software Coordinator of the Collaboration. The activity is finalized to develop and maintain the code used for event reconstruction and data analysis. My research is on physics analysis and software used for data analysis. In particular, I study the charmless decays of B mesons to final states containing an eta or eta' meson. For all these studies I have developed a fitting program (maximum likelihood fits) in C++ language on Linux/UNIX platform. This program, called MiFit, uses ROOT and RooFit classes. I use several other techniques, like Fisher Discriminant, Neural Network, Decision Tree.