Excursion to Wernigerode and Goslar


First stop in Wernigerode

Medieval town, close to the Harz National Park.

Trip to Mount Brocken with steam train

Since 1992 trains have been once again been running along the Mount Brocken; at 1'142 meters, this mountain which is steeped in legend is the highest peak in northern Germany. This is hard work for the 700 h.p. steam locomotives, which have to travel purely by adhesion, without the benefit of gears or any similar equipment.

Mount Brocken Railway Station, which stands at 1'125 m above sea level, is the highest train station on any narrow-gauge railway network in Germany, which makes it an absolute must for all visitors to the Harz mountains and railway enthusiasts alike. Trains travel there regularly from Nordhausen and Wernigerode. However, you can also get on at all of the other stations and stops along the way.

The Mount Brocken Railway takes about 50 minutes to climb the steepest part of the line from the Drei-Annen-Hohne Railway Station, offering visitors an overwhelming panoramic view of the Upper Harz National Park. Upper Harz is heavily blanketed in snow in the winter months and makes for an exciting trip by rail then as well. Visitors can sit back and enjoy the sight of the heavily snow-covered forests of fir trees and snowbound highlands; on a clear day, Mount Brocken provides a fantastic view over the white countryside below.

Free time in Wernigerode

After returning from Mount Brocken, participants will have about 90 min of free time in Wernigerode.

Wernigerode centre consists mainly of timber-framed houses of Lower Saxon style. The neo-Gothic castle in its prominent location way above the town can be seen by approaching visitors even from a great distance. The surroundings of our town are also quite appealing. The Harzer Schmalspurbahn (narrow-gauge railway) has its starting point here. It goes via Schierke way up to the Brocken; another line crosses the Harz and goes to Nordhausen in Thuringia.

Second stop:
World Cultural Heritage Site

The former Free Imperial Town of Goslar has an over-1000-year history. Probably the discovery of silver and copper ore deposits induced the Saxon and Salic emperors to establish their largest and most secure palatinate here in the 11th century. For centuries it was the favoured seat of government in northern Germany and at the same time a centre of Christianity. The spires of the 47 churches, chapels and monasteries delineated the town’s unique silhouette. It was referred to as the “Rome of the North”.

Still today the view of the townscape with the steeples of the five large parish churches is impressive when viewed from the knoll upon which the Imperial Palace stands. The many crooked, narrow, cobble-stoned streets in the Old Town are an adventure of their own, where each house tells its own story and secret nooks and crannies await discovery.


For visitors it is best to drive to the large “Kaiserpfalz Nord” carpark at the foot of the Imperial Palace (Kaiserpfalz). From here the impressive Romanesque Imperial Palace opens up to view. In the naturally scenic background the over 600-metre-high Rammelsberg Mountain rises. In it are the ore mines, which closed down only as recently as 1988. Since 1992, the mine and the Old Town of Goslar have been entered on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List for all Mankind.

Dinner at the Great Holy Cross


Dinner will take place at Great Holy Cross


Overall Schedule

What When Detail Comments
09:15 Buses depart from Mariaspring

Departure on time - sharp!

10:45  Arrival in Wernigerode; direction to Brockenbahnhof  
Touristic Travel
11:08  Steam Train depart from Bahnhof Wernigerode Mount Brocken (1'142 m) is the highest peak in Northern Germany 
13:02  Steam train arrives at Brockenbahnhof , top of Mountain  Mount Brocken Railway Station, stands at 1'125 m  
13;15  Lunch at restaurant Brockenherberge  
Touristic Travel
14:17  Steam train departs from Brockenbahnhof  
15:50  Steam train arrives in Bahnhof Wernigerode
Free time from 15:50 to 17:30
15:50  Free time in Wernigerode until departure to Goslar  
17:30 Buses leave to Goslar  
18:15  Arrival in Goslar  
18:15 Visit of the Imperial Palace   
19:30 Special dinner at Great Holy Cross  

21:00 Buses depart to Mariaspring  
21:45 Buses arrive at Mariaspring C

Times in italics: Approximates