Excursion to Oxford

Outline: Main Components of the excursion

First stop in Bletchley Park 

Visit of Bletchley Park

National Codes Centre 


Historic site of secret British codebreaking activities during WW-II and birthplace of the modern computer.



  Guide Tour
The guided tour will take about one and a half hours and will cover all the main points of interest around the site and tell the story of how the Enigma and Lorenz codes were broken during WW2. The guides are very knowledgeable so feel free to ask any questions you might have at the end of the tour.
Tour include - tour of the wartime buildings, info of the code-breaking activities, visit of Abwehr Enigma machine, Lorenz machine, Bombe Rebuild, Alan Turing statue, the Colossus Rebuild etc

There is a fair amount of walking involved and you cover approximately a mile with stops throughout.
  Short Free time in the Park 

Second stop:

Guided Tour: Science at Oxford 

Visit comprises:

  • A guided tour: Science at Oxford 

  • A free time visit of the city

Guide Tour
A fascinating tour to hear of the transformation of the study of science at Oxford.A fascinating tour to hear of the transformation of the study of science at Oxford.A fascinating tour to hear of the transformation of the study of science at Oxford.

By the 14th century Oxford was famous for the work of Bacon and Grosseteste, for developments in mathematics and astronomy. The 17th century saw Boyle, Hooke and Halley make their respective ground-breaking
discoveries. In the 20th century, it was the penicillin scientists under Professor Florey who made the greatest impact. Find out about Oxford’s role at the leading edge of science right up to 21st century
Free time in Oxford 

Free Visit

What to see, what to do.

Dinner at the Wadham College


Dinner will take place at  Wadham College


Overall Schedule  In case of problem: Fabienne Baud-Lavigne +41 76 487 3981

What When Detail Comments
09:30 Bus (single 75 seats Bus) departs from Campus to Bletchley Park

Depart on time - sharp!

Depart Location:
Cleveland Road Entrance (the one with the Pond Basin, on he Michael  Sterling Side). See Map .
11:15  Arrival in Bletchley Park  

11:15  Visit of Bletchley Park. Guided tour in two groups  
12:45 End of  Group Visit    
Free time from 12:55 to 13:05 12:55 Free time for visiting Park's shops, ...  10 minutes  
Travel 13:05 Transportation by bus to Enigma Tavern, the lunch location  
Meal 13:10  Lunch at restaurant Enigma Tavern Served lunch
14:30 Bus departs from restaurant to Oxford  
16:00 Arrival in Oxford
16:00 "Science at Oxford", Guided Tour   
17:30 End of visit
Free time from 17:30 to 18:20
17:30 Free time in Oxford  
18:20 End of Free time. Participants end visit in front of Wadham College
Travel on foot 18:20 Meet in front of  Wadham College. Group walk to dinner location on College premises Entering the College only possible with the group. Be on time, ... or miss the diner.
18:30 Arrival at dinner location  
18:30 Dinner at Wadham College Restaurant. Served dinner.
21:00 Bus departs to Brunel University
22:00 Bus arrives at Brunel University