CERN School of Computing 1997

Participation and Language


The School is open to postgraduate students and research workers with a few years' experience in elementary particle physics, in computing or in related fields. The number of participants will be of the order of 80, mostly from the CERN Member States or from laboratories closely associated with CERN, but a few may come from countries which are not Member States of CERN.

To apply you will need to complete the available application form and to prepare a 100-word summary describing the your current work.

Personal contacts and informal discussions among the participants during leisure time are an important aspect of the School. For this reason, participants are asked to note that they should not be accompanied by family members or friends.


The working language of the School will be English. There will be no simultaneous translation. Participants should therefore have sufficient understanding of English to enable them to benefit from the School.


Sunday, 17 August
12.00 - 22.00 Arrival

Monday, 18 August
10.00-11.00Real-Time InstrumentationW.E. Johnston
11.30-12.30Real-Time InstrumentationR. Spiwoks
14.00-15.00Software ProductionS. Smith
15.00-16.00Real-Time InstrumentationR. Spiwoks
16.30-17.30Real-Time InstrumentationW.E. Johnston
18.20-19.00Welcome Drink 

Tuesday, 19 August
09.00-10.30Information SystemsW. Hall
10.45-12.15Information SystemsS. Malaika
14.00-15.30Information SystemsS. Malaika
15.45-17.15Information SystemsW. Hall
20.30-21.30Evening LectureG. Robinson

Wednesday, 20 August
09.00-10.00Information SystemsP. Binko
10.00-11.00Real-Time InstrumentationR. Spiwoks
11.30-12.30Real-Time InstrumentationW.E. Johnston
14.00-15.00Software ProductionS. Smith
15.00-16.00Software Production - ExercisesS. Smith
16.30-17.30Software Production - ExercisesS. Smith
17.30-18.30Information SystemsP. Binko
20.30-21.30Optional Lecture*L.O. Hertzberger

Thursday, 21 August
09.00-10.00Information SystemsP. Binko
10.00-11.00Software ProductionA. Khodabandeh
11.30-12.30Software ProductionA. Khodabandeh

Friday, 22 August
09.00-10.00VisualisationT. Hewitt
10.00-11.00Software ProductionS. Smith
11.30-12.30Software ProductionS. Smith
14.00-16.00Software Production - ExercisesS. Smith
16.30-18.30Software Production - ExercisesA. Khodabandeh
20.30-21.30Optional Lecture*L.O. Hertzberger

Saturday, 23 August
09.00-10.00Information SystemsP. Binko
10.00-11.00VisualisationT. Hewitt
11.30-12.30Software ProductionA. Khodabandeh
14.00-16.00Software Production - ExercisesA. Khodabandeh

Sunday, 24 August

Monday, 25 August
09.00-10.00Introductory LectureM. Mazzucato
10.00-11.00Real-Time InstrumentationR. Hubbard
11.30-12.30Information SystemsM. Donszelmann/B. Rousseau
14.00-15.00Software ProductionV. Chaloupka
15.00-16.00Information SystemsM. Donszelmann/B. Rousseau
16.30-17.30Software ProductionT. Burnett
17-30-18.30Real-Time InstrumentationR. Hubbard
Tuesday, 26 August
09.00-10.00Software ProductionV. Chaloupka
10.00-11.00Real-Time InstrumentationR. Hubbard
11.30-12.30Information SystemsM. Donszelmann/B. Rousseau
14.00-16.00Information Systems - ExercisesM. Donszelmann/B. Rousseau
16.30-17.30Information Systems - ExercisesM. Donszelmann/B. Rousseau
17.30-18.30Real-Time InstrumentationR. Hubbard
20.30-21.30Evening LectureJ. Havranek

Wednesday, 27 August
09.00-10.00Real-Time InstrumentationR. Hubbard
10.00-11.00Software ProductionT. Burnett
11.30-12.30Software Production - ExercisesT. Burnett
13.30-14.30Software Production - ExercisesT. Burnett

Thursday, 28 August
09.00-10.00Information SystemsM. Donszelmann/B. Rousseau
10.00-11.00Software ProductionJ. Allison
11.30-12.30Information Systems - ExercisesM. Donszelmann/B. Rousseau
14.00-16.00Information Systems - ExercisesM. Donszelmann/B. Rousseau
16.30-18.30Software Production - ExercisesT. Burnett

Friday, 29 August
09.00-10.00VisualisationL. Taylor
10.00-11.00Software ProductionJ. Allison
11.30-12.30VisualisationL. Taylor
18.00Farewell Barbecue 

Saturday, 30 August

Social programme

A welcome drink will be offered on Monday, 18 August at 18.20 hours in the hotel lounge.

An farewell barbecue will be held at the end of the School.

Excursions are planned as follows:


The weather in August is usually sunny. Temperatures can range from can range from 16 - 30 degrees.

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