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About Marathon and Greece
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About Marathon and Greece

At the center of the Greek mainland lies the prefecture of Attica, known to most due to its capital, the interesting city of Athens. This place gathers pieces from all the parts of the history of Greece, since it remained the center of civilization and culture for many centuries.

Athens is an important part of ancient Greek history, having set the basis for the past two millenniums in European ascension and culture. It holds returns of various eras that created the picture of the modern world we see today, penetrating the streets and houses and merging with the echoes of the past.

Places to visit in Athens are Parthenon on top of Acropolis Rock, Lycabetus Hill, the various museums, the National Garden, Plaka district with the traditional market Monastiraki, the Panathinaikon Stadium and many other interesting sites, scattered around the districts or hidden in the busy streets of Athens.

The prefecture of Attica has so many more interesting places holding a special spot on the Greek history, and in particular on the ancient periods. A tour around the prefecture will bring you close to mythical places, such as Marathon, where the famous battle took place and where you can find a very interesting museum, Sounion where you can admire the Temple of Poseidon (5th century BC) and remind yourself of the tragic tale of the returning of Theseus and the temples of Dimitra and Artemis in Elefssina and Vravrona.


In a visit to Attica you can also admire the nature found in the high green mountains of Imitos, Penteli and Parnitha and the wonderful spectacle of the cave «Koutouki» in Paiania.

In the prefecture of Attica you can also find Piraeus, the most important port of Greece and Athens' largest neighbouring city. Piraeus has been the center and gathering location for many industrial and shipyard companies of Greek commerce. It has also kept its colour and aroma, in the district of Kastella, the City's Theater and the Tinanios Garden.

While wandering around Attica you can't help but be reminded of the ancient cultures, since their remains but also their influences are visible anywhere you look. This prefecture offers much more than just a stop to the archaeological sites. The big cities too can offer amazing experiences to those who will stay long enough and who have the desire to reach them.

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