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Below, PDF versions of lecturer presentations which are NOT on the CD or which have been UPDATED by the lecturers since the CD production

W. von R?den

CERN and the Challenges of the LHC Computing (introductory talk)

F. Fl?ckiger

Introduction to Network Performance and Quality of Service

M. Regler

Lecture 1 and 2

N. Neumeister

Lecture 1 of the series

T. Todorov

Lecture 2 of the series

N. Neumeister

Lecture 3 of the series

T. Todorov

Lecture 4 of the series

N. Neumeister
T. Todorov


B. Jacobsen

Lecture 1 of the series

B. Jacobsen

Lecture 2 of the series

J. Gunther

Mobility of our Society (evening lecture)

A. Strandlie

Adaptive Methods with application to track reconstruction at LHC

C. Kesselman

The Grid: Future Directions