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Categories:     1) The best artistic photograph
2) The most funny photograph

Elegible:         Submissions by students, lecturers, organizers, spouses,
photographs taken by the submitter him/herself,
open thema, but taken in the context of CSC ī03,
no (obvious) digital manipulations. 

Submissions:  Up to 3 photographs per category per submitter,
deadline for submissions: Thursday
19:30 p.m.

Technical:       Any standard digital format allowed.

If you have already posted pictures to the gallery and want to submit from among those, just tell their URLs to the photo contestīs Technical Secretary Gerald Richter (

Otherwise, please, contact Gerald for advice how to submit.

The submissions will be made public on the web after the deadline.

Jury:               Giorgia Lodi, Peter Niessen (students),
Kurt Stockinger (lecturer),
Jackie Turner, Winni Mitaroff (organizers).

Ceremony:      For both categories, the winners will be announced and prizes handed out to them at the Conference Dinner on Friday.

Please, join the contest and submit your best photographs soon !