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How To create your own albums in the CSC gallery
by Andreas Pfeiffer

Get an account either


Click on the login link (top right on the gallery page), log in with your Gallery account and password.


Click on "add new album", then click on "edit title" to change it from "Untitled".

You should use this as the starting point for your pictures and create sub-albums (nested albums) within this. Edit other information (details, ...) as you like. The name of the album is only visible in the link, so don't bother changing this, the title is the thing you want to change ...


Click on the album's title (or on the picture) to enter the album, then select "add nested album" to create a new sub-album. Edit it's title from the menu "<<Edit album>>". Again, the title is the thing you want to change, not the name ...


Click on "add photos" and fill the information as required. Your pictures will be rescaled, so just upload the 'raw' pictures.

You can now upload individual pictures with an individual comment (if none is given, it's the picture's name). For a larger number of pictures, it's easier if you put them into a directory on the server (your home directory on the school's LAN), and then enter the directory name into the "ftp" section below the five individual entries.


Select one of the pictures as the "highlight" (which is then shown as the picture on the list of albums) by selecting from the "<<Edit picture>>" menu.