CSC ping-pong tournament player list

This is the list of the requests we have received so far

Name Comments
Joanna Weng That seems to be the only possibility to play ping-pong - the table is always occupied :-)
Alex Sousa
Jacek Wojcieszuk It will be a good warming up before the Olympic Games.
Bengt Wessling The only constant in my game is that I'm only playing every five years.
xie I am a bad player, unless you are worse!
Mila No comment ...
mirko corosu u can't beat me!!!!!
ciro donalek ping pong server down
Xiaomei LI I am a chinese girl, so ...
Frederic Melot
igor for fun
Heinz Stockinger Table tennis is always fun ...
Kurt Stockinger
Piotr Nyczyk OK. I hope to hit the ball at least once ;)
Ildefons Magrans
sophie hello world
Monika ...
Damian If there are not enough girls, maybe I put on a skirt :-)
Miklos Kozlovszky
Atila Me good. Veeery good.

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