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CERN School of Computing 2004 28 August- 11 September 2004 in Vico Equense, Italy

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29 22 Sept Football match Pictures are posted on the Football match page.
28 11 Sep Examination: Best Marks The jury of the CSC2004 final examination is pleased to announce the following distinctions:
Best three students (affiliations below are as of time of the school):


Ioannis Baltopoulos

CERN, Geneva, Switzerland



Valeria Manna

Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte, Naples, Italy



Adam Padee

Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland


Special Distinctions


Alain Romeyer

Universit? de Mons Hainaut, Mons, Belgium



Min-Hong Tsai

Academia Sinica, Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



Zornitsa Zaharieva

CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

27 11 Sep Satisfaction Questionnaire Though the school is now over, those of you who haven't yet filled out the Questionnaire should do it now. This is needed for the report to the EU and is part of your duty in return to benefiting from the EU grant. Thanks in advance.
26 10 Sep Last Disco party and best DJ As it is becoming a tradition, the last Disco Party of the school was organized by the students.
At this this occasion, Nuno Cervaens Costa  (assisted by his friends) has been awarded the distinction of  best CSC Disc Jockey . Many thanks also to all those who provided music to our organizers.
25 10 Sep Examination Results: Individual Marks Individual marks will be communicated to students upon request, by email, to the Examination Coordinator, Wisla Carena (
24 09 Sep Examination Results Examination results posted here.
23 08 Sep Examination Examination will last 45 minutes for each group.
  • Group 1:  17:00 - 17:45
  • Group 2:  17:45 - 18:30

If in group 1, we will ask you to stay in the examination room until the end of the 45-minute session, even though you have finished.

See your group here.

74 students (out of 77) registered. This is a record for the school.

23 08 Sep Football Result of multinational football mach:
Dark team defeats Light team by 3 to 2
22 08 Sep Inverted School Where we would like  YOU to give the lectures at CERN first week March 2005 .
Informal meeting tomorrow 0 evening (just after the openlab information).

F.Fluckiger's slides (PDF)

21 08 Sep Openlab Project Wolfgang von R?den mentioned new project where positions might be opened this fall: Computer Security Project as part of the CERN openlab.

F.Fluckiger. openlab Manager,  will give information Thursday evening after dinner

20 08 Sep Football Result of the draw to form football teams
19 08 Sep Friday Evening DISCO We are organizing (YOU and us) a DISCO PARTY at the Hotel, Friday after dinner.

To secure the best music, you will provide it! Nuno (Cervaens Costa) is the coordinator and is collecting MUSIC.
You may either give him (CD, MP3,...) music directly or upload MP3s on a public folder: just copy (using scp command) the files to estima@server:
(the password you know, it's "csc2004").

Please upload a tar/zip file containing folders with the name of the style of the music inside.
If you have a laptop with TWO AUDIO OUTPUT, see NUNO, we will use it.

18 07 Sep Football Match GREAT!! We have secured the minimum number. Now that the mach is confirmed, you may still join. Everyone interested will play, even a few minutes. You may also register as referee.

We will draw the 2 teams from a hat  Wednesday Morning before you.  Give your Name here so that we can prepare the draw. Last minute result of the draw here>

Bus will leave the hotel at 18:30 with players and supporters, will be back to the hotel by 21:00.

Match will take place on the illuminated Vico city pitch, from 19:30 to 20:30.We'll have fun. 

17 07 Sep Photo Contest For practical reasons, only photos posted until Wednesday 8th September, 24:00 can compete in the contest. But please keep posting your pictures beyond that date: the gallery we have is already impressive; let's beat the record of number of photos a CSCs.
16 06 Sep Examination Registration Deadline is Wednesday 8th September, 24:00. Registration Electronic Form
15 06 Sep Tuesday evening
disco on the beach
Reserve your evening on Tuesday, 07 September. Disco on the beach after dinner (22.15  we meet in the hotel lobby)!!
If  interested, please pick up a ticket from Jackie.
14 04 Sep Football Match 11 registered. Another 11 needed. Convince your colleagues. Can't imagine so few Italian or Polish people can play football :-) ... 
13 04 Sep Official Dinner. Monday 5th The official dinner will start a 20:00 sharp. Unless you decide not attend, it is imperative that you are strictly on-time.
12 03 Sep Free Excursions Suggestions for self excursions.
11 03 Sep Student Presentations Monday 6th Many thanks to the students who responded to the call. We received 7 excellent proposals, and it was not easy foe the jury to decide on a selection. We have finally retained the 4 following proposals for presentation next Monday (order of presentations still to be finalized:

Marie Di Marco   Astroparticle Physics
Ioannis Baltopoulos   10 Commandments of Modern Software Engineering
Victor Engmark   Productivity tools for distributed programming
Maurizio Nagni   Multi-user storage facility for the Pamela experiment

We warmly thanks those not retained for Monday evening, and we are considering ways to organize a special session, later in the week, where we hope they would be willing to give their presentation.

10 02 Sep Photographers: Rotating pictures There is a tool on the CSC machines to rotate jpeg pictures (lossless): jpegtran (more on this tool)
9 02 Sep Football Match
Wednesday, 18:30, Vico city pitch.
 Registration. View who has registered.
8 01 Sep

Excursion to Pompei.


All day excursion to the Pompei, Sunday, 5 Sep.
7 02 Sep Python-XML-WebServices exercises updated version A (slightly) updated version of the instructions for the Python-XML-WebServices exercises is available at:
This update corrects a few typos concerning the place where to find the exercises and an optional mini-project.
6 01 Sep Picture in the Participants List If not done yet, you may still send a picture of yourself (even taken here) for inclusion in the participants list. Send to Mario Estima,
5 01 Sep Excursion to Positano (Wednesday, 1 September) Information on the excursion.
4 31 Aug Lunch packages Lunch package instead of  regular lunch meal...
3 30 Aug Tuesday evening
disco on the beach
Disco on the beach Tuesday, 31 August., 22.00!
2 30 Aug Excursion to Positano Information on the excursion.
1 30 Aug Travel
Bringing copies of travel tickets / receipts
0 30 Aug General Welcome to CSC2004. We all hope you will enjoy the school.
The organization and teaching team.

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