CSC2005 Examination Results




Special Distinctions to Students having obtained the best marks


List of students having successfully passed


Students having participated in the examination

70 students (out of a total of 79 ) registered and participated in the final examination, that is 88% of the students attending the school.


33 multiple choice questions were proposed.

None of them was invalidated by the jury after deliberation.

Pass / No-Pass threshold

To be declared as having successfully passed the examination, the student must have replied correctly to more than 50% of the retained questions. 

Number of correct questions for successful pass

As 33 questions were retained, any student having replied correctly to 17 or more than 17 questions will be declared as having successfully passed the CSC2004 examination

Proportion of success

 61 students succeeded in the examination

The correct Answers

Available here.

What next

Certificates of credit will be handed over to the students at the occasion of the school wrap - up session, Friday afternoon, the 16th of September 2005.