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CERN School of Computing 2005 4 September - 17 September 2005 in Saint Malo, France

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38 5 Oct
Selection of pictures In addition to the contest winning photos, you may also view an arbitrary  selection of pictures from the gallery on the CSC Photo page
37 5 Oct
Video records Video records of the lectures and the special sessions are now available. They can be viewed in streaming mode or be downloaded for later play back.

Warmest thanks to Sami Kama who has organized the recording

36 16 Sept
Inverted CSC 2005

Inverted CSC 2006

As announced, we invite participants in CSC2005  to propose topics for the Inverted School 2006. Visit the CSC site where you will find a simple forum system. Feel free to post on it, from initial raw ideas to more polished proposals, either individually of in team.

We, the organizers, will monitor the process, and may from time-to-time intervene as facilitators to help the process converging. We would like to have this process running until the end of October at the latest.

35 16 Sept
Football match Congratulations to the dark team which defeated the light team by 6-0.

No one having carefully counted the goals, the score was decided after a poll.

Teams and pictures

34 16 Sept
Photo Contest We congratulate the two winners of the photo contest:
  • Craig Munro in the Artistic category
  • Konstantinos Theofilatos in the Fun category

Details of the Photo-contest results

33 16 Sept Videos The videos of the lectures (recorded by Sami) are available on machine "csc41" in the folder "/lectures".
32 15 Sep Examination Results of the examination are now available.

Congratulations to all the successful candidates.

31 15 Sep CERN Questionnaire Note that you should ignore the two irrelevant questions on the CERN questionnaire: one concerning evening lectures and one on exercises on Security (there were none!)
30 15 Sep Closing Dinner Friday, 16 September. Final Dinner "champetre" (on the farm) by the River Rance.  Rendez-vous at the Hotel de France et de Chateaubriand at 19.20 hours. Departure by bus from the Porte Saint Vincent (the stone gateway in front of the hotel) at 19.30 hours.

Country-style food (no fish!) and Celtic music

29 15 Sep Obligatory satisfaction questionnaire Please see the page explaining how to fill out the two Obligatory Satisfaction Questionnaires (CERN and EU).

Note that the CERN questionnaire can only be filled in when at the school, from the school network (no access from external Internet).

28 14 Sep


Please keep posting your pictures, even though you do not intend to compete for the photo contest. All your pictures are welcome, as a memory of this school.
27 13 Sep Signing before exercises We would like to revert last week dispositions, and ask you to sign the attendance list before exercises, and not only before the lectures.

Thank you for your understanding.

27 13 Sep Cafe de l'Absinthe evening Tonight's (13 September 2005) meal and music will be at the Cafe de l'Absinthe, at 20.00 hours
26 12 Sep Examination See specific instructions
25 12 Sep Justifications for Travel expenses

The following people who are entitled to the reimbursement of their travel are requested to bring copies of their travel tickets / receipts to the School Secretariat (at the Palais du Grand Large, NOT at the hotel) at the following time:

Tuesday, 13 September (Group 2: L-Z) - 14.00-15.00 hours



24 12 Sep Registration to the Examination is open Registration to the Examination is open. More on the examination.

Deadline: Tuesday 13th September, 24:00

23 12 Sep Football

We propose to organize an informal football match Wednesday afternoon (14th September) at 18:00 on the beach.

The exact format, duration, ... will depend on the number of participants. Female players, beginners, professional players are all welcome. This is to have fun.

If you are interested in participating, could you simply put your name on the registration form? This is to help us anticipating the numbers.

But, see first who has already registered, with their comments.

22 12 Sep Change of schedule Monday 12 and Tuesday 13, the schedule has been changed as follows:
  • All afternoon sessions have been moved to 16:00 - 19:15.
  • Prior-to-session coffee will be served at 15:30

See schedule for details.

21 12 Sep Travel Reimbursement

Students who are entitled to the reimbursement of their travel are requested to

bring copies of your travel tickets / receipts to the School Secretariat (at the Palais du Grand Large, NOT at the hotel) at the following times:

  • Monday,  12 September (Group 1: A-K) - 14.00-15.00 hours

  • Tuesday, 13 September (Group 2: L-Z) - 14.00-15.00 hours

20 9 Sep Excursion to Brittany Coast Sunday, 11 September. 

Full-day excursion to the Brittany Coast,  a picturesque tour of one the most beautiful coasts in Europe.

Meeting point and time: 08.50 at the Porte de Saint Vincent

The buses leave at 09.00  a.m. sharp for the tour.

19 8 Sep Excursion to Brittany Coast If you wish to join, please register for the excursion around the coast (Sunday, 11th September) before Thursday, 8 September 17.30 hours.  See details here.
18 8 Sep Tide timetable If you are interesting in knowing when the tide is at its lowest/highest, see here.
17 7 Sep First Disco Evening We invite you to indicate your dancing music preference via our small music poll.
Sami KAMA  is willing help gathering music (he has already some). See him with any music format you may have.
You may also upload music files to
  • Machine:  csc41
  • Directory: /music
  • From exercise room PC (use scp, sftp, ?)
  • From your laptop use Windows equivalent
We need DJ volunteer(s) for tonight
16 7 Sep Evening dinner Address: 2 rue de l'Orme, old town
Buffet-style dinner with music and disco
15 6 Sep First Disco Evening Disk Jockey(s) wanted!
Wednesday  (7th) evening, the regular dinner is replaced by a special evening at the "l'Absinthe" bar in the old town.
There will be dancing possibilities, if we provide the music and the DJ.
If you have some DJ talents, and a portable PC with music files , please contact Francois or Andreas Pfeiffer (or any member of the crew).
14 5 Sep Photo Contest The Photo Gallery will serve for a photo contest. Learn more about CSC2005 Photo Contest
13 5 Sep Photo Gallery The CSC2005 live Photo Gallery is now up and running. See how to post your pictures and view the posted pictures.
12 5 Sep Excursion to Mont St Michel If you wish to join, please register for the excursion to Mont Saint Michel (Wednesday 7th September) before Tuesday 6th 12:30.
Details of the Excursions.
11 5 Sep Presentations for visitors events Already two proposals received !!

Congratulation to the first submitter: Bartlomiej PAWLOWSKI
Special distinction to second submitter: Yushu YAO

10 5 Sep Access to the Palais des Congr?s
Morning Access  08:30
Except Sunday 11th Sep no access
Evening Closing 22:00
Wednesday 7th  Sep  
  Saturday 10th  Sep 14:00
  Wednesday 14th  Sep 14:00
  Friday 16th  Sep 18:00
9 5 Sep Special Dinners
Dinners not at Hotel de Chateaubriand. More information to come:
-  Wednesday 7th
- Tuesday 13th
- Friday 16th (closing evening)
8 5 Sep Travel Reimbursement

Students entitled for travel reimbursement

Please bring copies of your travel tickets / receipts to the School Secretariat at the following times:

  • Monday,  12 September (Group 1: A-K) - 17.30-18.30 hours

  • Tuesday, 13 September (Group 2: L-Z) - 17.30-18.30 hours

7 5 Sep Distinguished visitors

Presentations by a few selected students (after contest)
Contest organized earlier in the week: willing students are invited to propose short topics to be presented; selected student will present their topic (5 to 10 minutes)

See how to propose topics

6 5 Sep Distinguished visitors

Questions/issues from students to panelists
Selected students will formulate questions after having analyzed and structured input from their schoolmates, electronically collected earlier in the week

See how to ask questions

5 5 Sep Welcome cocktail You are all invited to a welcome cocktail, tonight, Monday 5h of September, at 19:15 at the Hotel de Chateaubriand (in the small hotel square if weather permits, inside if not)
4 5 Sep Coffees and Lunches Coffees and Lunches are served in the "Rotonde Surcouf" room, second floor of the Palais du Grand Large.

Take the stairs down opposite to the lecture room.

3 4 Sep Hotel We remind you that CERN will not bear any of your personal hotel costs. This include any bar  or extra restaurant expenses, laundry, telephone calls, ...
2 4 Sep Hotel A few CSC2005 participants are hosted in the Hotel de la Cit? (a few meters form Hotel de Chateaubriand).  Those participants will take their breakfast in this hotel.

However, all participants have dinner in the Hotel de Chateaubriand.

1 4 Sep General Welcome to CSC2005. We all hope you will enjoy the school.
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