Ask Questions to School Visitors

The 9th of September 2005, a panel session will be organized to benefit from the presence of Dr. Robert Aymar, CERN Director, and Dr. Wolfgang von Rüden, Head, IT Department  CERN.


You are invited to propose questions you would like to be asked to the pannelists. A digest of the most relevant questions will be prepared and may presented during the session by willing students.


For this, fill-out the VIP-questions web form before Thursday, 8 September 2005, 12:30


On the form you may also indicate whether you woud be willing to act as one of the two rapporteurs who will summarize  / formulate the questions during the session.


On the form, you will be asked the following:

The topic of your question (you may select more than one)

  • The future of “Big Science” in general

  • The future of Particle Physics

  • The future of CERN

  • The role and challenges of computing in particle physics

  • The challenges of Energy scarcity in the new century (with references to Dr. Aymar’s involvement in ITER)

  • Other (please specify)


To whom you direct it

  • One of our two visitors (please give name)

  • Non-one in particular


The formluation of your Question


Are willing to be, if selected, to act as one of the student presenting the questions