Presentation Contest

For students during VIP visit

On the occasion of the visit of the CERN Director General we are planning a special session, to take place on Friday, 9 September.

Students are invited to propose a topic they would be interested in presenting.  Those selected will be invited to give a short presentation (in the order of 5 to 10 minutes maximum).

We know the delay is extremely short, but we nevertheless hope that several of you will be willing to take this unique opportunity.

The presentation, in particular if short, would not necessarily require presentation material (such as PowerPoint slides)

The choice of topic is free but should preferably be related in some way to the school. In particular, topics where students show how they can best exploit the knowledge they are acquiring at the school will be appreciated.

Examples, you may briefly talk about:

  •  Your presence here

    • Why are you here, where do you come from, what is you discipline, what are you expecting from the school, how do you think you will be exploiting the knowledge acquired here,

  • A scientific / technical topic

    • HEP, HEP computing, on-line, off-line, Grid,

    • HEP Sister disciplines, Computer science,

    • Other

Deadline for submission: Wednesday, 7 September 2005, 19:00 hours

For this, fill-out the Presentation Contest web form before the deadline.


On the form, you will be asked the following:

Type of presentation

  • About my presence here, my discipline, my expectations,

  • About a scientific or technical topic in which I have particular experience / interest

  • Other (please specify)

Title of your presentation:


Short description:


Do you plan to use slides: Yes / No / Do not know yet