Tools exercises, Monday & Tuesday sessions:


1) ex1.html (Optional) Simple use of CVS

2) ex2.html (Optional) More advanced CVS, showing how conflicts are handled


3) ex3.html Demonstration of a test framework

4) ex4.html Practice debugging using a test framework


5) ex5.html Demonstration of profiling tools

6) ex6.html Practice tuning a small application


7) ex7.html (Optional) Understanding & tuning a larger application

8) ex8.html (Optional) Tuning a complex RSA application


9) ex9.html Simple release activities with CMT

10) ex10.html Releasing code changes with CMT



General notes:

These exercises involve some minimal Java programming.  We recommend that you arrange yourselfin groups so that somebody in each group has at least a little experience withJava.


Note that the instructions for these exercises are writtenfor a Bash-type shell.  If you usea C-type shell:

1) Replace “export CVSROOT=…” with“setenv CVSROOT …”

2) Replace “source setup.shwith“source setup.csh