Advanced Database Features


Wednesday 23 February

14:00 - 14:55 Lecture 3 Advanced Database Features Zornitsa Zaharieva
Miguel Anjo

This lecture will give an overview of what a database offers to improve the performance of very big databases (index-organized tables, partitioning, etc.) and certain features for protecting the data when working in a multi-user environment in a database. It will also show how to put more logic into the database layer and make the database ‘smarter’ by capturing database events through triggers or adding programming logic to the execution of SQL commands (PL/SQL functions). The lecture is heavily based on the Oracle implementation of all these features.

  1. Creating a table from a table

  2. Creating an index-organized tables

  3. Other indexes (bitmap, function based, reverse, multi-column)

  4. Using partitioned tables

  • range, hash, composite partitioning

  • global, local indexes

  1. By what authority – users and privileges


  3. Materialized views

  4. Accessing Remote Data - synonyms, db links

  5. Introduction to PL/SQL

  6. Triggers

  7. PL/SQL procedures, functions and packages