Introduction to Web Services


Friday 25 February

09:00 - 09:55 Lecture 1 Introduction to Web Services Ioannis Baltopoulos

This lecture sets the scene for the rest of the Web Services Theme. It covers the motivation behind Web Services and its relative position within the Distributed Computing market. In the second part of the lecture, we attempt to revisit some basic technologies that are required for Web Services like XML, WSDL and SOAP. The lectures will go so deep into these technologies as it is required for understanding web services and the material that is included in the lectures to follow.


  1. Web Services
    Basic definition of the technology and some motivation for it. Benefits of Web Services compared to other distributed systemís technologies.

  2. Distributed Systems
    Existing distributed systemís technologies like CORBA, COM and RMI.

  3. Service Based Architectures
    The basic architectures that one can have with web services and how they are used to solve a scientific problem.

  4. XML Primer
    Introduction to XML. Elements, Attributes, Processing Instructions defined and composed into a small example useful for web services.

  5. XML Namespaces
    The problem that arises by the flexibility of defining your own tags in XML and how it is solved using Namespaces

  6. XML Schema
    Giving predefined structure to XML documents using the XML Schema

  7. WSDL
    The WSDL as a specific XML Schema for describing Web Services

  8. SOAP
    The protocol that makes Web Services actually work.