Advanced Issues and Future Trends


Friday 25 February

11:30 - 12:25 Lecture 3 Advanced Issues and Future Trends Ioannis Baltopoulos

The last lecture of this series will go into dynamic publishing and consumption of web services and how to secure them. It explains the usefulness of the Public Key Infrastructure in the context of Web Services and how a Web Service could authenticate consumers and guarantee secure communications. In closing it will mention the current work that is taking place in the area like transactions, interoperability and reliable messaging. It will then give a glimpse into the future of Web Services with self-adapting architectures over the Grid.


  1. Dynamic Publishing using UDDI

  2. Dynamic Consumption using UDDI

  3. XML Encryption

  4. Digital Signatures

  5. WS-Reliable Messaging

  6. WS-Transactions

  7. Dynamic Architectures

  8. WS on the Grid