iCSC2005 Web Services in Distributed Computing Theme

Coordinator: Ioannis Baltopoulos - Imperial College

A few questions

  • Why should you bother with Web Services?

  • Do you know, in practice how to expose your application as a Web Service?

  • Are you sure your Web Services are secure?

All the answers in the Web Services  Theme at iCSC

This theme concentrates on the media hyped technology of Web Services. Leveraging resources, material and discussions from the Software Engineering Track of the 2004 CERN School of Computing it attempts to shed more light on a fairly recent technology by explaining the fundamental concepts, describing the enabling technologies and actually developing a small application in Class!

The lectures will cover topics like writing a Service Consumer and a Service Provider, deployment techniques, dynamic location of Web Services and security for Web Services. The whole theme aims to maintain a good balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills using state of the art software engineering tools and methodologies.

The whole theme will conclude with some advanced issues, current research topics in the area and hint at the future of the technology


Slot Lecture Description Lecturer

Friday 25 February

09:090 - 09:55

Lecture 1

Introduction to Web Services

Ioannis Baltopoulos

10:05 - 11:00

Lecture 2

Consuming, Providing & Publishing Web Services

Ioannis Baltopoulos

11:30 - 12:25

Lecture 3

Advanced Issues & Future Trends

Ioannis Baltopoulos