Where students turn into teachers"
23-25 February 2005, CERN

iCSC is a novel idea prototyped in 2005

iCSC is a three-day series of lectures, organized and delivered by selected students of the previous CERN School of Computing (CSC), but where the students go one step further, combining their skills and elaborating on CSC related subjects.  iCSC takes place six months after the previous CSC

iCSC-2005 will take place at CERN, IT Amphitheatre. Attendance is free, but participants who register in advance will get a printed version of the handouts as well as a CD. Registering will also help in organizing the logistics of the event.

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iCSC poster (PDF)

Programme overview

The programme is formed of three themes, selected from proposals made by students via an electronic forum.

  Data Management and DataBase Technologies Advanced  Software Development & Engineering Web Services in Distributed Computing
Zornitsa Zaharieva
Brice Copy
Gerhard Brandt
University of Heidelberg
Ioannis Baltopoulos
Imperial College
Short Description
  • Fundamentals of Database Design

  • SQL: Basics and Advanced features

  • Advanced Database Features

  • Performance Optimization and Tuning

  • Data Mining: extracting Knowledge from Data

  • Entreprise Computing

  • Design Patterns

  • Iterative Development

  • Advanced CVS Usage

  • Code Reviews Best Practices

  • Debugging Techniques

  • Security in Computer Applications

  • Introduction to Web Services, XML & SOAP

  • Consuming, providing and publishing Web Services

  • Advanced Issues and Future Trends


Lecturers Miguel Anjo
Michal Kwiatek
Petr Olmer
Zornitsa Zaharieva
Paolo Adragna
UniversitÓ degli Studi di Siena
Gerhard Brandt
University of Heidelberg
Giovanni Chierico

Brice Copy
Ruben Leivas  Ledo
Sebastian Lopienski
Ioannis Baltopoulos
Imperial College
When Wednesday 23 February
9:00 - 17:30
Thursday 24 February
9:00 - 17:30

Friday 25 February
14:00 - 16:00

Friday 25 February
9:00 - 12:30


iCSC2005  Frequently Asked Questions

Why an inverted CSC?

Because we noted that at regular CSCs, the sum of the knowledge of the students  often exceeds that of the lecturer teaching at that time, and that it is not infrequent  to find someone in the room who knows more than the lecturer on a particular aspect. Why not to try and exploit this?  This is the idea behind  iCSC.

Who will provide lectures?

Only selected CSC2004 students.

When and where?

23-25 February 2005, at CERN, IT Amphitheatre, Building 31, 3rd floor

Who can attend?

Anyone interested, attendance is fully free

Should I register?

This is not mandatory if you work on the CERN site. But it is recommended:  If you do register, you will get a hard-copy and a CD of the lecture handouts. This will also help us for the logistics.

I am not at CERN, may I attend?

Yes with pleasure. You need to register as an external attendee prior to the event in order to get access to the CERN site.

How is the programme organized?

The school lasts three consecutive days. There are three themes, one per day (one theme also extends a bit into the following day).

May I attend only one theme?

Yes of course, even some lectures only: attendance is fully free.

Will there be handouts?

Yes, a printed version and a CD for those who have registered, and web access for the others.

What about social events?

All participants, lecturers as well as attendees are welcome to join a cocktail, Thursday 24th February at 18:30 in Restaurant No. 1 (main building)

I am a former CSC2004 student. Anything special for me?

Yes, as a former CSC2004 student in Vico Equense, if you register, you are welcome to participate in a dinner in Restaurant No. 1 on Wednesday 23 February at  19.30 hours

Where does the programme come from?

CSC2004 students interested in contributing in iCSC-2005 made proposals via an electronic discussion forum. The regular school track coordinators selected the best / most relevant proposals and proposed to cluster them into three themes. Theme coordinators were appointed, having full responsibility to finalize the content of their theme and invite lecturers.

Is there a common dominator between themes?

Yes, the idea is that the lecturers go one step further than the tuition delivered at CSC2004, focusing on novel ideas and technologies. Most of what will be taught at iCSC has never been taught at CERN before.

iCSC is part of a programme of actions to progressively increase the active involvement of CSC participants

Enquiries and  Correspondence

All enquiries and correspondence related to iCSC should be addressed to:

Mrs Jacqueline Franco-Turner

CERN School of Computing

CERN IT Department

CH-1211 Geneva 23


Telephone:  +41 22 767 50 49

Telefax:  +41 22 767 42 30

E-mail:  Computing (dot) School (at) cern (dot) ch