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CERN School of Computing 2004 28 August- 11 September 2004 in Vico Equense, Italy

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EU Questionnaire Instructions

Notes and comments on how to fill in the EU questionnaire

In order to select the questionnaire type, you should fill in the relevant boxes as follows:


see email

Project type

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Questionnaire type

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Click on ?Edit Questionnaire? button to proceed.

The ?Project Identification Number is: see email.


MCA Conferences and Training Courses Assessment Questionnaire


Please complete the entire questionnaire before submission. This will only take you a few minutes.
Please note that the questionnaire should be filled in entirely and be submitted, otherwise information will be lost.

Use the scroll bar to reveal the remaining questions as you move towards the end of the questionnaire.

?         Please be assured that all information provided will remain anonymous and confidential.

?         The fields marked with a red star are obligatory.

?         After completion, press the 'submit' button to submit the questionnaire.

?         Should you press the 'submit' button without completing all obligatory fields, you will be redirected to the questionnaire to fill in the missing fields for a valid submission.

?         Alternatively, you may use the 'cancel' button at any time to exit a questionnaire before submission.



Contract Number

see email

Start date 04/09/2005

Event start date*


Event title: CSC-LCG

Event title


Event location: Saint Malo, France

Event location




Personal Information







Country of Work







◙Male     ◙Female




◙>25       ◙25-30   ◙30-35   ◙35-40   ◙>40


Professional level*


◙Pre Doctoral       ◙Doctoral              ◙Post Doctoral     ◙Other


Job situation*


◙Permanent staff ◙Temporary staff                 ◙Research Fellow               ◙Other


Employer Activity*


◙Research            ◙High Education  ◙Industry               ◙Other







Box to be filled in

Employer Legal Status*

European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) created by Council Regulation 2137/85 of 25 July 1985 (Official Journal No L 199 of 31 July 1985) is a legal instrument allowing companies to cooperate with partners based in other Community countries for the realization of a specific project in a loose, flexible form of association and on an equal legal footing while maintaining their economic and legal independence



How was your participation financed (travel, subsistence, participation fees?)*

?EC? refers  to European Union (EU)

◙No funding from EC          ◙Partly financed by EC       ◙Entirely financed by EC


What was your contribution to the event?*

CSC Students should reply ?Other?

◙Keynote speaker/lecturer      ◙Oral Contribution   ◙Poster Presentation     ◙Other           ◙None




Event Evaluation


How would you rate the programme content?*


◙Very poor          ◙Poor            ◙Fair               ◙Good             ◙Excellent


How would your rate the quality of the invited keynote speakers/lecturers?*


◙Very poor          ◙Poor            ◙Fair               ◙Good             ◙Excellent


How would you rate the quality of the organization and management of the event?*


◙Very poor          ◙Poor            ◙Fair               ◙Good             ◙Excellent


How would you rate the venue (including conference rooms, poster hall, accommodation?)?*


◙Very poor          ◙Poor            ◙Fair               ◙Good             ◙Excellent


Have you established contact with scientists you did no know before?*


◙Yes       ◙No


If yes, how would you rate the potential of these contacts to lead to follow-up actions and scientific collaboration?*


◙Very poor          ◙Poor            ◙Fair               ◙Good             ◙Excellent


How would you rate the nationality balance of participants and speakers?*


◙Too much of one nationality     ◙More or less right     ◙Excellent balance


Rate your overall degree of satisfaction*


◙Very poor          ◙Poor            ◙Fair               ◙Good             ◙Excellent




Future Prospects


How many more years would you like to work in research?*


◙Less than 5        ◙between 5 and 10             ◙More than 10


For what working environment are you aiming?*


◙Public Research    ◙Private Research  ◙Public Non Research   ◙Private Non Research


Do you plan working outside your home country?*


◙Yes       ◙No


If yes, where?*

Associated state*

◙European Union or Associated State     ◙USA          ◙Japan               ◙Other


If yes, how long?*


◙Less than 1 year         ◙Between 1 and 3 years           ◙More than 3 years


Would you like to attend a similar event in the future?*


◙Yes       ◙No               











* Bulgaria, Republic Of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Israel



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