Photo Contest 2007

The CSC photo contest is now a tradition at CSCs and it has been running since 2003.

When posting pictures on the Photo Gallery, any CSC participant (student, lecturer or organizer) is de-facto competing for the  photo contest. A jury will select what they think being the winning pictures, according to two categories:

Category Art

The best artistic photograph

Category Fun

The funniest photograph


For both categories, the winners were announced and prizes handed over to them at the Closing Dinner on Friday 31st of August.

The two winning pictures in 2007


Best artistic picture


Guillaume Dargaud

Full size

Funniest picture


Andrea Weise

Full size



Previous years contest

A contest was also run at CSC2003, CSC2004, CSC2005 and CSC2006.

Result of the 2003 Contest

Result of the 2004 Contest

Result of the 2005 Contest

Result of the 2006 Contest