Sport at CSC2007

What are the objectives of the sport programme?

  • The participation to sport activities is fully voluntary (as is the participation  to other social activities)

  • The aim is to provide opportunities for refreshing activities in particular before the final afternoon working sessions (as an alternative to the free study hours)

  • It also provides additional opportunities for interactions between students and lecturers / organizers

What, when and where?

  • Most of the activities will be proposed during afternoons in facilities close to the Hotel.

  • One special sport afternoon (Wednesday 22nd of August) will be organized for those interested. Participants will select one from 4proposed activities. For those who prefer resting, a free-time excursion will be proposed during this afternoon.

  • Two easier tournaments (Pétanque and Ping Pong) respectively the Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th afternoon

  • The CSC traditional football match, which will take place the second Wednesday afternoon (29th of August) on a specially reserved football pitch.

Daily Sport Activities overview

Daily Activities proposed during afternoons

At sport facilities close to the hotel  (inter-hotel area, 300 m from Importanne Resort)
Week days, 13:30-15:30
(Usually, free time after lunch is 13:30-16:00, coffee is at 15:30, self-study hour is 14:30-15:30)


4 courts reserved

Volley ball

1 court reserved

Basket ball or handball or football training (

1 court reserved


1 track reserved

Ping Pong

7 tables, free access, not reserved




Introduction to the traditional football match

Traditional CSC Football Match


CSC2003 match

CSC2004 match

CSC2005 match

CSC2006 match

Since 2003, it has become a tradition to organize a football match the second week of the school. The match traditionally involves all those willing, beginners and experienced, male and female, students and organizers, old and young, tall and short ... players.


In 2007, the match is taking place Wednesday 30 August. from 18:00 to 20:00, on a full-size  Dubrovnik city pitch , 20 minutes walk from the hotel


From 2006 football match


In 2006, we played football in the beautiful surroundings of the 1952 Olympic Games near the Olympic Stadium.


Mixed-double ping-pong tournament

Mixed-double ping-pong tournament in 2 hours.
Whenever possible, CSC organizes Mixed-double tournaments to favor female participation in sport activities that non-experts may also enjoy.

Register here (only if you wish to participate)

Some past mixed-double tournaments

CSC2003 Ping-pong Tournament
CSC2006 Badminton Tournament


Pétanque tournament - To be confirmed

Pétanque tournament

For those who prefer calmer and simpler, yet fun sports

Pétanque tournament, in teams of 3 players


Sport day-by-day schedule

Monday 20th

Information concerning sports activities


Tuesday 21st

Free choice of daily  sport activities


Wednesday 22nd

Free choice of daily  sport activities


Thursday 23rd

Afternoon excursion. Choice between three options: Register here

Option 1: Sport

One from 4 possible activities


Activity Physical Difficulty


(weather permitting)



(weather permitting)



(weather permitting)



(weather permitting)



Option 2: Rest in Cavtat

Free-time excursion in the small village of Cavtat


Option 3: Not joining any activities
(people on their own for dinner at their own cost)



Friday 24th

Free choice of daily  sport activities


Monday 27th

Free choice of daily  sport activities or

Pétanque Tournament (tbc)


Tuesday 28th

Free choice of daily  sport activities or


Mixed-double ping-pong tournament in 2 hours.


Wednesday 29th

Late afternoon:
Football match on official-size football pitch




The sport activities are proposed to the willing students who will participate at their own risk.  Neither CERN nor the local organizers provide insurances for the sport activities.