Andrea WEISE

University of Reading United Kingdom 

The smiley has gone through many incarnations over the years, but it consistently retains the same features.("Kolobok" type)


My research concentrates on the area of distributed data management within a grid environment. The work comprise of development work on an Intelligent Rule Oriented Data Management System (IRODS) which is primarily being led by SDSC in the United States. One part on the work would involve the development of the security layer for the IRODS system and also work on the interface to the new tape system and on interfacing the IRODS system to other data management tools. This will explore the areas of data management, authentication, interoperability. Another part will be the investigation and development on how to pack data into the Storage Resource Broker and on the grid-ftp. This might involve the investigation of intelligent brokering within the system. At the moment I am concentrating on the development of a bundle application, which will be integrated into the IRODS. The bundle will allow transferring files faster between the IRODS nodes as well as in and out of the IRODS system.