The University of Canterbury New Zealand

Software support by way of maintenance of CMS Workbook and Software Guide. Beginning GRID installation using Globus/gLite middleware. Most familiar with Windows XP and Microsoft Office applications (hold International Computer Driving License), also have extensively used Linux operating systems. I have used Fortran for high energy physics experiments in my previous job (2001-5 on SLAC BaBar experiment) as well as writing much event reconstruction code in C++ and maintaining a tau reconstruction package for BaBar. This year (july2007-june2008) we have funding to support me to work with out department's computer administrator to establish a Tier 2 data Center in NZ, set up simulation (GEANT4), begin data transfer into NZ, and establish a Data Quality Monitoring station in NZ for the CMS experiment. In addition to these tasks, I will continue to contribute to CMS documentation and hope to greatly enhance my HEP computing abilities to help in this role. I have a research funding grant; I do not require any financial support from the school. While I am some time out from my studies, I am the only HEP-qualified person in New Zealand available to be trained in HEP computing.