Special evening lecture

Lecture room 20:30

This evening lecture offers a unique dual opportunity:

  • first serve as an introduction to one of the host topics of the decade regarding intellectual property: the issue of software patenting

  • second, present the European Patent Office, which is hiring and offers unique opportunities for young computer scientists.

The lecture is given by Dr. Carlos Rivero and Dr. Martin Liendl from EPO. Note that Martin is a former computing physicist and former lecturer at CSCs.

They will be available today and tomorrow at all breaks and lunches / dinner to answers question and give more information.

Abstract  of the presentation

The European Patent Office (EPO) provides a common application procedure for individual inventors and companies seeking patent protection in up to 37 European countries. The presentation will give a brief overview of European patents and the Office itself. As the EPO is currently looking for engineers and scientists to search and examine patent applications and oppositions in its three official languages (English, French, German), the typical tasks of an examiner are presented with particular emphasis on Computer Implemented Inventions. Furthermore, working conditions at the EPO and the application and selection process for a position as a patent examiner are presented. http://www.epo.org

Carlos Rivero


Carlos Rivero works as a Director in the European Patent Office (EPO), in the area of Computers, in The Hague (The Netherlands). He has over 17 years experience in the field of intellectual property, search and examination of patent applications and patent related documentation. He graduated in Aerospace Engineering from University of Rome (La Sapienza, 1994) and Aeronautical Engineering from University of La Plata (Argentina, 1985), working for several years in the field of Aerospace Technology related to international cooperation projects as design and system engineer.

Martin Liendl


Martin Liendl works as an Examiner in the area of Computers at the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich (Germany). Before joining EPO, Martin was working several years as project co-ordinator and software designer and developer in international organisations and companies in the fields of telecommunication (Siemens), high energy physics (CERN), and in the financial sector (SWX Swiss Stock Exchange). He holds a PhD in Computer Science (2003) from Vienna University of Technology, where he graduated in Physics (1996).