CSC2008 Examination Results

2008 Examination: Best marks

Presentations by Students

In addition to its warmest congratulations to all the candidates who successfully passed, the jury of the CSC final examination is pleased to announce the following distinctions

Franšois Fluckiger, School Director

The 2008 Podium


Robert Zimmermann

Bonn University, Germany



Constantin Mihai Cuciuc

National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Bucharest - Romania


Matti Kortelainen

Helsinki Institute of Physics - Finland


Oliver Oberst

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - Germany



David Gonzalez Maline

CERN, Geneva, Switzerland


Paolo Tedesco

CERN, Geneva, Switzerland


Special distinction


Katarzyna Dziedziniewicz

CERN, Geneva, Switzerland


* Maximum mark: 34;    **Affiliations are as of time of the school

2008 Podium: all 6 students with pictures and bio

Note: Individual marks can be provided to students upon request, by email, to the Examination Coordinator, Ivica Puljak (Ivica.Puljak AT

2008 Examination: facts and figures


Students having participated in the examination

50 students (out of a total of 52 ) registered in the final examination, that is 96% of the students attending the school.


34 multiple choice questions were proposed.

Pass / No-Pass threshold

To be declared as having successfully passed the examination, the student must have replied correctly to 50% or more than 50% of the questions. 

Number of correct answers for successful pass

Any student having replied correctly to 17 or more than 17 questions has been declared as having successfully passed the CSC2008 examination

Number of successful students

 47 students succeeded in the examination.


  • CSC Diploma and GUC Certificates of Credit will be handed over to the students at the occasion of  the closing ceremony Friday 5th of September.

  • The students with the highest marks will be announced at the closing session Friday 5th of September.


Individual marks will be available on demand, after the closing session only, from Ivica Puljak (Ivica.Puljak  AT


2008 Examination: List of successful students


The CSC2008 Jury is pleased to warmly congratulate the following students who have successfully passed the 2008 examination.


All the students below have successfully passed the examination.
We congratulate them!

Aberle, Christoph
Adams, James
Almeida, Nuno
Aydar, Metin
Basset, Romain
Belotelov, Ivan
Bernabeu Altayˇ, Gerard
Bria, Arnau
Ceuterickx, Sebastien
Crupi, Roberto
Cuciuc, Constantin Mihai
Dragicevic, Marko
Dziedziniewicz, Katarzyna
Germanas, Darius
Giordano, Raffaele
Gomes, Hugo
Gomez Saavedra, David
Gonzalez Maline, David
Gutzwiller, Olivier
Hassan, Ahmad
Hugosson, Hugo
Hynek, Vlastislav
Inglese, Vitaliano
Kaplun, Samuele
Kortelainen, Matti
Kwee, Regina
Li Gioi, Luigi
Lloret Iglesias, Lara
Mazurov, Alexander
Mollon, Remi
Mueller, Stefan E.
Nadal, Jordi
Oberst, Oliver
Ordonez Sanz, Gustavo
Pesaro, Giulia
Pierro, Antonio
Rodrigues, Daniel
Ruckert, Benjamin
Ryu, Seangchan
Sambade Varela, Alba
Schwemmer, Rainer
Siodmok, Andrzej
Tedesco, Paolo
Thorne, James
Valentan, Manfred
Wang, Lu
Zimmermann, Robert

2008 Podium: Pictures and Bio

1st Mark


Universitńt Bonn - Germany

As a PhD student at the University of Bonn I am currently working on setting up and commissioning an ATLAS Tier-3 computing cluster in the context of the LHC Computing Grid (LCG). This includes work on all required parts of such a cluster, like network infrastructure (DHCP, dDNS), base-system (SL) and middleware (gLite) installation and configuration, monitoring and the automation of all of this (Quattor). I am also one of the administrators of the local desktop (Debian) and batch (SGE) clusters for our high energy physics groups. I am familiar with various flavors of Linux like Scientific Linux, Fedora, Debian or Ubuntu, have, of course, run across MS Windows and personally enjoy using Mac OSX. Programming and scripting languages I've worked with (out of necessity or just for fun) include C, C++, Objective C, ruby, perl and bash.


2nd Mark

Constantin Mihai CUCIUC

National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Bucharest - Romania

I am in the 5th year of study at Informatics Physics, and I am currently involved in some detector calibration and readout system development and configuration. Also, I had to implement minor changes in some Athena analysis code and tweak the firmware for some home-brew hardware. In doing so, I came across C/C++, ROOT and LabVIEW, to which a few others learned in school or by myself can be added.



Helsinki Institute of Physics - Finland

I am a first year PhD student in experimental particle physics. My work at Helsinki Institute of Physics includes Higgs analysis in the CMS experiment and code development for test beam detector studies (Helsinki Silicon Beam Telescope, SiBT). I have wide experience and knowledge from computing and programming. I use actively Linux and Mac OS X, and I've also used commercial Unices, NetBSD and Windows. My programming skills include C, C++, Java, Matlab, Perl, Python and shell scripts. I am also familiar with assembly, Scheme and SQL. I have worked in cluster and supercomputer environments, and I have also used grids (mainly Nordugrid ARC).



Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - Germany

I started to work as a PhD student at Karlsruhe in August 2007. The thesis will consist of two parts, a computational one and a physics analysis. At the moment a computing cluster at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is shared among eight different departments and will also be part of the WLCG as the UNI-KARSLRUHE Tier 3 site. To run Grid jobs on such a shared cluster the incompatibilities between the requirements in hard and software of the different user groups are resolved in using virtualization techniques to partition the computing cluster dynamically. My current task is to implement this functionality into the batch system, that it can manage the virtual machines (virtual worker nodes) to connect the cluster and its mass storage system to the WLCG.


3rd Mark


CERN, Geneva  - Switzerland

I studied software engineer in Spain and the UK, finishing last year a MSc in artificial intelligence. Nowadays I work at CERN in the SFT group, helping in the development of the ROOT framework. In particular, my work is focused in the development of mathematical algorithms, paying special attention to the efficiency and accuracy of the different implementations. I also work with methods of multivariate analysis and help in the development of some parts of TMVA.



CERN, Geneva  - Switzerland

I am currently working at CERN, at the development of File Transfer Service, a data management grid middleware component. FTS is used by experiment frameworks to move data across sites, offering load balancing and monitoring capabilities. I have programming experience on Windows and Linux environments, mainly in C++ and c#.


2008 Special distinction

The jury of the CSC examination is pleased to give a special distinction to the student below who obtained a mark of 28, just below the 3rd mark (29) but who managed to finish the examination in the shortest time (30min, 15sec).

4th Mark


CERN, Geneva - Switzerland

I am working in the SFT group which belongs to CERN's PH department. I am involved in the research in the field of multi-core processors. It focuses on benchmarking of code performance achieved using different architectures and different programming styles. It is closely linked to the work of the CERN's Open Lab team. After the assessment. I will work on applying best techniques to the code created for the CSM experiment.  Second part of my work focuses on further development of a web service for a Conditions Database of the CMS experiment. The service is written in Python and ingrates CMSSW software and the web framework used in CMS.