Predrag Buncic


Following the studies at Zagreb and Belgrade Universities, Predrag Buncic stated his carrier as a physicist in NA35 experiment at CERN where he worked on a streamer chamber event reconstruction and where he quickly discovered his passion for scientific computing. In 1994 he joined the NA49 experiment to work on challenging problems of data management as well as reconstruction, visualization and data processing.   In 2001 he moved to ALICE experiment at LHC  where he initiated AliEn project, a lightweight grid framework that later served as an inspiration for the first gLite prototype. For this reason he joined EGEE project in 2004 and worked for two years in CERN/IT on gLite middleware architecture . Since 2006 he is working in CERN/PH Department and currently leading Virtualization R&D project in PH/SFT group.