Special Instructions for Fitness

Daily Activity proposed during afternoons


CSC will issue 10 tickets everyday. They will be handed over to those interested at 11:00 each of the 5 days when the Fitness is available for CSC :

  • Tuesday 24
  • Wednesday 25
  • Friday 27
  • Tuesday 31
  • Wednesday 1

Tickets are valid for the day only, with no time limit, and cannot be passed on to someone else after a training session has started (i.e, once entering the centre, the ticket is lost)

Fairness and Social behavior
We count on the fairness and sense of social behavior of the participants to only take one of the 10 tickets if they actually intend to go  to the centre, at least for a reasonable duration (not necessary for the entire afternoon).

Indeed, once entering the centre, the ticket is lost. In can however be passed on to another willing participant before entering the centre, in case of last minute impromptu impediment.

Forms to be filled in at the Fines counter the first time (forms will be provided by he Fitness Center)

The first time a participants access the Centre, The Fitness Centre demands hat two forms be filled out:

  • The INDEMNITY FORM  to discharge liability of the Fitness Centre    

  • The LIFESTYLE CONSULTATION form, which gather a certain number of  health-related data  

The copies of the forms are only provided above to let you  have a preview and inform you of the type of questions they ask or aspects they address.