Details of Activities in Sport Afternoon: Cricket

Sport S2

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Cricket (level of physical difficulty 2)
2 1//4 Hours 14:00-16:15
Overall Schedule

Maximum number of participants: 12
Local coordinator: Liliana Teodorescu  +44 775 800 5407
CSC coordinator:   Giuseppe Lo Presti +41 76 487 5233

Location: Uxbridge Cricket Club, Next to Hillingdon Pools Complex,
Gatting Way
Londres UB8 1, Royaume-Uni
01895 237 571

Description:  This is a unique opportunity for beginners, female and male, to get a first experience with one of the most popular British sport. The session will last about 1 1/4 hours with a professional instructor. After initial explanation and progressive training, teams may be formed to try playing a simplified match.

Required skills and health condition

  • No special requirement, though participants in reasonable physical condition may feel more comfortable


  • Dressing: It is preferable to wear loose clothing (loose sport shirt and long  trousers preferably  ), sport shoes, rain jacket if uncertain weather.

  • Dressing code: Cricket has strict dressing code in the UK (entirely white clothes, long trousers). This will be exceptionally relaxed for CSC participants: if they have no appropriate long rouser, they may wear short trousers, but should wear their white CSC T-shirt.

  • Participants are advised to bring a bottle of water if case of hot day. Rain jacket , as rain is forecasted

 How it will be organized

What will be provided?


Additional opportunity for Cricket players



Overall Schedule