Details of Activities in Sport Afternoon: Tree-Top Adventure

Sport S4



Tree-Top Adventure  (level of physical difficulty 4)
2.5 Hours 14:15-16:45
Overall Schedule


Maximum number of participants: 8
Local coordinators: None
CSC Coordinator: Andrzej Nowak

Location: GO-APE Centre, Black Park Country Park, Black Park Road, Wexham SL3 6DS (a few km from Uxbridge)

Description:  A panel of acrobatic challenging high ropes activities of varying and increasing difficulty. Participants will receive initial instructions and safety briefings. They may then proceed at their own pace and decide the limit of their course.

Required skills and health condition

  • This is open to any participant , male and female,  reasonably fit and healthy. The activities are  physically demanding and require a degree of agility, strength and stamina.

    It is preferable  that participants are not afraid of space.


  • Dressing: It is preferable to wear loose clothing (loose sport shirt and trouser), sport shoes, rain jacket if uncertain weather. Sandals or slip-off shoes are excluded.

  • Long hair should be tied up. It is advised to covers waists and remove or tap over piercings for comfort.

  • Participants are advised to bring a bottle of water and a rain jacket , as rain is forecasted.

How it will be organized

  • The the CSC Sport-day "bus will drive the participants (after a stop over at Hillingdon complex) to the GO-APE Centre, Black Park Country Park, where professional instructors from the GO-APE Centre will explain the session.

  • Return by bus to the Brunel campus after stop at Hillington Pools Complex for picking u Cricket players and swimmers

What will be provided?

  • All necessary equipment, .gear (ropes, ...)

  • Transportation to and from the activity site

Overall Schedule