CERN, Geneva - Switzerland

I am graduated in Computer Science from University of Deusto in Bilbao (Spain) in 2007. Before coming to CERN I worked in CESGA, an Spanish Supercomputing Center and I started my PhD in Computing in University of Santiago de Compostela(Spain). I am working in CERN since October 2009 in IT-GT group for the European project ETICS. It provides a system for the configuration, building, testing and integration of software. It has a web interface and a command line client from where users can manage their configurations, submit builds and tests and get their results (binaries and reports). Recently has been introduced the possibility of send multinode tests. Inside it, I am the responsible the infrastructure of ETICS in the fields of deployment the service, virtualization, maintenance and monitoring. I also will work in develop deployment modules for the multi-node testing in ETICS. I mostly work with Python and bash but I am also familiar with C&C++ and Java.