Bergische Universitšt Wuppertal- Germany

In the last months I gradually took responsibility for maintaining the ATLAS Production System Dashboard which monitors all ATLAS tasks, where they are executed, how much cpu time they use end whether they are successful or not. The ProdSys Dashboard uses the Dashboard Web Framework, which was written in Python and developed at CERN. The dashboard runs on an Apache + mod_python system at CERN. This work includes the fixing of bugs and solving problems as they arise, as well as maintaining the dashboard and carrying its technology into the next decade. We, the dashboard team, started working on a new system that will use newer, more dynamic web technologies. This will help to generate new content for the dashboards more easily. From my previous work in the private sector and at university I acquired programming skills in C, C++, Guile and Java on all relevant operating systems, including Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.5, Ubuntu and CentOS.