Handouts Updates 2010
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Keynote Opening Ceremony
Sergio Bertolucci Entering uncharted territories: the LHC startup PDF
Presentation - Opening Ceremony
Frederic Hemmer CERN Computing Centre PDF

Presentations by CSC students

Eduardo Alvarez Fernandez Software Quality Assurance, How to improve the quality of your software through testing PDF
Andres Abad Rodriguez Metrics definition inside software assurance process PDF
Salvatore Di Guida Time-critical Database Condition Data Handling in the CMS Experiment during the First Data Taking Period PDF
Luigi Gallerani
Carlos Garcia Fernandez
Server Virtualization at CERN IT-DB PDF
Alvaro Gonzalez Alvarez Introduction to service availability monitoring  PDF
Alberto Resco Perez Image segmentation in a Volunteer Computing Framework (BOINC) PDF
Frank Volkmer Agile software development PDF

Lecture Handouts updates

Track Lecturer Material
Data Technologies

A. Pace

Lecture 3, 4 & 5
B. Panzer L1 & L2   - Material DT-Exercises
Base Technologies P. Mato Virtualisation L1 & L2

B. Jacobsen

Tools and Techniques L1 - L2 - extra
S. Lopienski Creating Secure Software
A. Nowak Comput. Archt L3
S. Jarp Comput. Archt. L1 & L2
Physics Computing

R. Frühwirth

General Introduction
A. Heikkinen Data Analysis L3 & L4

A. Naumann

B. Bellenot

Introduction to ROOT
I. Puljak Data Analysis L1 & L2 Exercise1&2