• Universal Modelling Language: what is it?

  • What are the ten best practices OO-developers should know?

  • Design Pattern: reusable snippets and not reusable libraries! What does it mean?

  • Anti-patterns: the opposite of design patterns! What does it mean?

  • How to make your web app run 50% faster?

  • What is Git? What difference with CVS and SVN?

  • Local vs. centralized vs. distributed code version control: Advantages and Drawbacks?

  • Can I manage my source code without network access (like in a plane)?

  • Can we visualise data in more than 2D or 3D?

  • Data visualisation and data mining: Can they be tied in?

  • Do you know how to monitor dozens of devices with SNMP?

  • Logs in software: Willing to see real-world examples of good and bad practices?

  • Linux Kernel: Can Systemtap help me finding out what my machine is doing?

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