Overall Schedule  In case of problem: Fabienne Baud-Lavigne +41 76 487 3981 or Stig Skelboe +45 21 30 83 23

What When Detail Comments
08:30 Participants gather in the otel lobby Gathering in Hotel Lobby

Group walk to Central Train Station (called "Kobenhavn H")

Depart on time - sharp!
08.56 Departure of Train R 2031  to Helsingr  
09:41  Arrival of Train in Helsingr (end of line) We meet Stig Skelboe there
09.41 Group walk to Kronborg castle  
10:20 Arrival of group at Kronborg castle
10:30 Visit of Kronborg Castle  
12:30 End of  Group Visit    
Lunch 12:30 Lunch at Caf Kronen  
13:45 Group walk to Helsingr harbour  
14:13 Departure of Ferry to Helsingbor  
14:33 Arrival of Ferry in Helsingborg  
14:40 Departure of Bus to Kullen.  
15:30 Arrival in Kullen  
Free walk from 15:30 to 17:15

15:30 Start of Free walk in the Kullaberg National Park from Kullen to Moelle Several itineraries possible. See Kullaberg leaflet.
17:15 Deadline for Arrival at the Meeting Point:  Ellens Caf at the location called Ransvik (Moelle)
Kullabergs Naturreservat
Box 21926042 Mlle

:+46 (0)42-34 76 66

Beware: departure location different from arrival


Departure of Bus from Ransvik to Helsingborg

18:45 Arrival in Helsingborg Harbour. Get onto the ferry  
19:00 Departure of Ferry to Helsingr  
19:00 Dinner on Board During Dinner, Ferry does several crossings
20:30 Ferry arrival in Helsingr after 3 channel crossings  
20:30 Group walk to Helsingr railway station  
20:42 Departure of Train R 2031 to Helsingr  
21.38 Arrival of Train in Kopenhagen  Central Train Station (called "Kobenhavn H")