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The following people have attended the 2011 CERN School of Computing

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Jonathan AGUILAR

AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow - Poland


I am currently a Marie Curie fellow with the Marie Curie Initial Training Network on Particle Detectors (MC-PAD). My research involves simulation and prototype preparation and testing of the luminosity calorimeter (LumiCal) for the future International Linear Collider. I am also a MSc student at AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland, where I study nuclear physics with a focus on HEP. I did my undergraduate studies in physics at Harvard University in Cambridge, USA. While there I worked in the laboratory of Prof. Robert M. Westervelt, developing nanoscale dielectrophoretic tweezers for atomic force microscopy. I became interested in computing for HEP when I wanted to move the LumiCal simulations to the local cluster computing facility. I program primarily in C++ and Python (for Geant4 and ROOT), and am currently learning web-oriented programming languages. I am also familiar with LabView.


CERN, Geneva - Switzerland


I am a MSc in Computer Science. I studied in Oviedo University and I finished my thesis in INRIA (loria) Enterprise in Nancy (France). I have been working at CERN since 2008. I have been working developing Java web applications using Java EE technologies such as Spring MVC, Ibatis, Apache Structs, Hibernate, Oracle and Groovy. I have also been developing Sharepoint sites, and C# tools. Currently I am working in the Cryogenic maintenance section, developing SAP applications with Oracle data base and I am involved in a Java project.



CERN, Geneva - Switzerland


The first time I arrived to CERN was as an Openlab Summer Student, in 2008. The next year I came back as a Technical Student, working for the former Grid Deployment group. I started doing testing of work elements at first, and storage later. After some time, I developed a framework to enable nightly builds and tests through ETICS, framework that is still at use and was presented at the 1st EMI Technical Conference in Vilnius.  Finally, in November of 2010 I got the fellow position in the same group (now named Grid Technology), and started moving from testing to more development duties, although I am still maintaining the testing framework.



Physikalisches Institut, Universität Freiburg - Germany


After working in the CDF experiment during my master thesis I have started this year a PhD in Freiburg, working in the ATLAS SUSY group. I am currently involved in developing a general search strategy for new physics, looking at deviations from SM predictions in all possible event topologies, to minimize the chance of missing new phenomena. I am also taking part in an upgrade of the muon DCS. My preferred OS is a Debian Linux, but if obliged I not disdain working on Windows. I have extensive experience with C/C++ and the ROOT framework, and some knowledge of python, LabView and VHDL.



CETA-Ciemat, Cáceres-Spain


I studied BSc Computing Engineer at the University of Murcia, Spain.  She got two MSc. The first one was in Grid Computing and e-Engineering at Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, UK, in 2008. The second MSc was related to Information Technologies and Advanced Telematics at University of Murcia, Spain, in 2009. After her studies, she has been working on projects related to Data Mining, Ontology Systems, Bioinspired Algorithms and Optimization. She is currently doing her PhD in the institution CETA-Ciemat in collaboration with the University of Extremadura (Spain). Her PhD consists in researching different multi-objective strategies based on bioinspired algorithms to optimize the job scheduling problem in the Grid. In this first stage, she is using and modifying the simulator GridSim to evaluate the algorithms. At the same time, she is teaching artificial intelligence applied to grid environments in a MSc at the University of Extremadura, Spain. Also, she is taking part in “the Gridification Weeks” at the CETA-Ciemat that consist in helping researcher groups to port their applications into the Grid.



The Chinese University of Hong-Kong – Hong-Kong


I am currently a Computer Science master student in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The focuses of my research are high dimensional data analysis and mathematical modeling. The research was working incorporating with PhD research team and the discrete maths model has been implemented for a DNA-Protein sequencing project. I was responsible for database modeling, maths model coding and testing. At the same time, I was developing a real-time statistical analysis solution for large data set based on grid or cloud computing architecture. For the system development, tools using mainly ROOT, Python, R, Matlab, SQL, C++ and C#. 



CERN, Geneva - Switzerland


After finishing my master degree in Computer science in September 2010 I joined CERN in October 2010 as a Volontaire International (Special Program of France - VIA). My current work at CERN consists in providing support and maintenance of all HR’s internal Oracle Application Express applications that already exist, analyzing requirements for new applications that would be useful for the HR department and creating statistic reports. I mostly use PL/SQL, web languages (html, javascript, css) and the Business Object technology.



INFN & Università, Torino - Italy


After obtaining a M.Sc. in Particle Physics at the University of Torino, Italy, in 2010 I worked for almost a year as a fellow for the CNRS (France) in two different laboratories (Subatech, Nantes and LPC, Clermont-Ferrand). Currently I am a Ph.D. student at the University and INFN, Torino. I work for the ALICE experiment since 2009 and starting from early 2010 I am actively involved in the definition and implementation of the data storage model for PROOF-based analysis facilities (AAF): this led to a dataset stager (afdsmgrd), that robustly transfers data upon request by taking into account network issues and files corruption, currently in production in all AAFs and distributed as a part of ROOT. I am also developing a cloud infrastructure in Torino based on OpenNebula, aimed to provide PROOF-based clusters on-the-fly running on dynamically-deployed virtual machines. My preferred working environments are Unix flavors, while my language skills cover mostly C/C++, Java, Ruby and Python.


Claudia BORER

University of Bern - Switzerland


I am a physics PhD student in my final year, having studied in Bern, Scotland, and Germany. I specialised in particle physics. Currently I am involved in the search for mini-black holes within the ATLAS experiment, using high-pT electrons. This work covers the generation of MC files, feasibility studies for a new analysis, and data analysis. The two years previously I was working in the DAQ part of the experiment, taking care of some of the computers involved, monitoring them, improving their performance, and testing new machines.




CERN, Geneva - Switzerland


After a fun year as a technical student at CERN I finished my CS studies and worked in Zurich. Thereafter, I joined the software section of the beam instrumentation group at CERN in 2010. My current work involves writing and maintaining Java applications which are used by the LHC operation to test, calibrate and check beam instruments. Our section also writes applications for instrument experts, which usually involves writing on one hand a server application in C++ that communicates with the instrument and on the other hand a GUI to control it and analyse the gained data. I am as well working on the development of a framework (in Java & Maven) which is to be used by the members of our section to create dedicated expert applications.



CERN, Geneva - Switzerland


Currently working in CERN, CMS experiment as facilities operator. Main tasks are to deploy and monitor critical services for CMS offline. Also as a member of HTTP group, I am responsible for the development of the tools for deployment and monitoring of the services and servers in our cluster. Mainly responsible for services running on Also I am involved in grid computing and deployment of the grid tools at CERN. Have strong knowledge in PHP, experience in Python and Bash scripting. Also have basics of C++. Mainly working on Mac OS X. Feeling comfortably with Linux and have experience with Linux system tools and Linux administration.


Francesco  CERVIGNI

INFN, Pisa - Italy

I am a Computer Science student and I am currently designing and implementing the high level monitoring software components for the future FastTrack Processor used for tracking at Atlas, by collaborating with Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare in Pisa. Such software will be used to online monitor and control a big amount of new tracking hardware devices and integrate with the Atlas TDAQ.  I use the programming languages C++, C, Python, Prolog, Erlang, Java and JavaScript and my biggest interests are in algorithms, programming techniques, efficiency and concurrency.


Francois CHATAL

CERN, Geneva - Switzerland


Coming from Bretagne (France), I have studied in France and Denmark. I came to CERN last October just after graduating; it was a great opportunity to work in an international environment. Presently I’m working as a VIA in the IT-DB group. My main task is to develop some tools to measure directly from inside the database the performance evolution when a change is brought to the hardware or software. This leads me to learn about Oracle’s internals, database tuning and PL/SQL coding. Apart from that, I enjoy the Alpes’ mountains during the winter to do skiing and snowboarding.



IFIN-Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Bucharest - Romania


I am working at National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering Horia-Hulubei , Bucharest, Magurele in the IT and Particle Physics Department.   I started my PhD thesis in October 2010. The thesis is dedicated to the study of the generation, storage and processing algorithms of the ATLAS data. I am the the administrator of RO-07-NIPNE grid site with more than 1000 CPUs that supports ATLAS, ALICE and LHCb virtual organizations. I installed and configured an allien grid site at Bucharest for PANDA-GSI collaboration. I am also managing for Romanian ATLAS group an Analysis Facility, with a PROOF cluster and Athena software. I am currently working with Linux OS and python and C/C++ I am also one of the people responsible with the management of our network which includes configuration of routers and servers(email, named, web, DHCP).