CERN School of Computing 2011 15-26 August 2011 - Copenhagen, DK

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Cinzia LUZZI

CERN, Geneva - Switzerland


I am a PhD student of Computer Science at Ferrara University. Iím working on the AliEn project, a distributed Grid computing system developed and used in the context of the ALICE experiment. AliEn, is a production environment that implements several components of the Grid paradigm needed to simulate, reconstruct and analyze data in a distributed way. Currently,  I am working on the integration of Parallel analysis facilities in AliEn, in order to allow physicists to analyze much larger datasets on a shorter time scale, allowing file analysis in a parallel way on remote computer clusters. The aim of my project is to integrate in AliEn a new framework named PoD (Proof on Demand), that allows users to use this parallel analysis facilities in a more user-friendly and convenient way, giving a dynamic cluster on request. The AliEn code is written mostly in Perl, but in the past I also had experience using C and C++. The project environment is SLC5.