CERN School of Computing 2011 15-26 August 2011 - Copenhagen, DK

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CERN, Geneva - Switzerland


I am a Doctoral Student in the Data Management section of the Beams department at CERN. My Ph.D. research activities are focused on the study of new parallel biomemetic approaches for non-linear and non-Gaussian time series forecasting, in order to detect in advance any malfunctioning of the LHC control system. I am also actively involved in many other projects related with the main activities of the DM section, some examples are: CCDB - Data-driven control configuration database system for the CERN accelerator complex. RBAC - System for managing authorization data for role-based access to the control equipment, (CERN and Fermilab collaboration project) and FESA - Framework for the LHC control software architecture, (CERN and GSI collaboration project). The different roles I have developed for the projects as mentioned, include: user requirements analysis and modeling; relational and XML database design, implementation and support; interface development - web interfaces.