CERN School of Computing 2011 15-26 August 2011 - Copenhagen, DK

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CERN, Geneva - Switzerland


I had my first contact with CERN during the last year of my studies in Computer Science at Jaume I university (Spain) when I spent a year working as a technical student for the IT-UDS group.  After obtaining my degree I returned with a fellowship position and I am currently working on the development of the INSPIRE services in collaboration with the other developers in GS-SIS-OA, IT- UDS-CDS and SLAC. Bringing INSPIRE from its current "beta" version into a full production system. The main task is to optimise and complete the toolset for the DB operators to ingest, classify and curate records. This is a crucial step to switch off the SPIRES system, where curation still happens, and fully deploy all operational resources in INSPIRE at the four libraries involved in the process (CERN, DESY, FNAL, SLAC). In my daily work I use Linux and the following programming languages: Python, Javascript, MySQL.