CERN, Geneva - Switzerland


Before graduating at the end of 2010 as MsC Telecommunication Engineering ( accredited by ABET ) by ETSIT-UPM ( Madrid ) and MsC Software Engineering of Distributed Systems by IT-KTH ( Stockholm ) I have been working on my final thesis as a Technical Student in IT, more specifically at ES-VO section ( Experiment Support - VO Operations & Services ). I was focused on the extension of HammerCloud, a stress-testing system to commission grid sites for distributed activities, for CMS and LHCb VOs. Nowadays, I am working as a Junior Fellow on PH/LBC since February 2011. I am currently a developer of DIRAC and LHCbDIRAC, being DIRAC (Distributed Infrastructure with Remote Agent Control ) project a complete Grid solution for a community of users needing access to dsitributed resources, in this case, LHCb is the community.