CERN, Geneva - Switzerland

My current work is in virtualization using the OracleVM technology, and adapting it to the CERN cluster infrastructure management system. This provides a transparent and Quattorised integrated layer of virtual Red Hat Enterprise and Scientific Linux machines for virtual IT-DB services hosting. I have an indepth knowledge in Networking and in GNU/Linux Operating Systems, which I use in the development of these virtualization solutions. Collaborating with the CERN openlab and using a multiprocessor computer, I am also studying the OracleVM performances. The aim of this task is to find the best load balancing configuration for the services that will run on the new cluster machines. I have good experience in OS scripting languages, imperative and OO-programming, in particular the C family. My MSc Thesis and previous work at the LHCb, gave me also skills in real time SCADA system programming. I have also become a CERN guide, and in learning more about the Particle Physics Experiments, have been able to help educate visitors.