Overall Schedule

Time Sport activities
Hiking Riding Frisbee Canoeing
13:20 Participants gather at usual bus departure place
13:30 Group starts walking Bus 2 departs to riding place Bus 1 departs to Sunnarstaåsen Bus 1 Departs to Sunnarstaåsen
13:40     Bus 1 drops  Frisbee players  
13:50   Bus 2 arrives at  riding place
Horse back riders dropped
  Bus 1 arrives at Sunnarstaåsen
Canoeists  dropped
Canoeists walking down to the pier
14:00   Riding session starts   Canoe session starts
17:00   Bus 2 picks up riders    
17:20   Bus 2 arrives at hotel    
Hikers arrive at Sunnarstaåsen   Frisbee players arrive at Sunnarstaåsen Canoeists arrive at Sunnarstaåsen
17:30 Bus 1 picks up all those at Sunnarstaåsen   Bus 1 picks up all those at Sunnarstaåsen Bus 1 picks up all those at Sunnarstaåsen
17:50 Bus 1 arrives at hotel
18:45 Group walk*  to Norrlands Nations - Västra Ågatan 14, 753 09 Uppsala, Suède +46 18 65 70 70 ‎
19:00 Cocktail at Norrlands Nation
19:30 Dinner at Norrlands Nation
22:00 End of dinner - Participants on their own for returning to hotel or for after dinner activities
* Participants are free to  go on their own to Norrlands Nations, of course  

Outdoor Sports-Day
Proposed Sports
S1 Hiking
S2 Riding
S2 Frisbee *
S4 Canoeing
Suggested Free Activity
F Rest at Sunnarstaåsen
Overall Schedule
List of participants
Stat. on participation
* Due last minute difficulties, Biking has been replaced by Frisbee

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