Frédéric Hemmer


Frédéric Hemmer studied Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (and Computing) in Brussels. He joined CERN in 1984 where he served as Systems Engineer in Databases, Real-Time Systems and more generally Distributed Computing systems. In the 1990’s he became the software architect of the ComputerWorld Honors awarded CERN SHIFT project aiming at moving High-Energy Physics applications from Mainframes to Distributed RISC/Unix systems, later migrated to PC/Linux systems. He has been the initial author of the RFIO remote file access protocol, still in use today. From 1994 he took the responsibility of operating the Physics Data Processing Services at CERN (100’s of machines, Terabytes’s of data, Gigabit/second interconnections). As of 1998 he took responsibility of CERN Windows service (> 5000 computers) and later Mail and Web Services. In 2004 he joined the EC co-funded EGEE (Enabling Grid for E-sciencE) project where he served as Middleware Reengineering Manager (coordinating Grid Middleware development of 80 people across 8 countries). In 2005 he was appointed as CERN Deputy IT Department Head and acted as EGEE related projects (BalticGrid-2, D4Science, EELA, ETICS-2, GridTalk SEE-GRID, SEEGRID-SCI, EUMEDGRID, EUCHINAGRID, DILIGENT, ICEAGE, ETICS, Health-e-Child, etc…) Management Boards representative for CERN. He has been appointed as CERN IT Department Head for the period 2009-2013. The CERN IT Department has a budget of ~85 MCHF in 2011, including ~210 staff positions and hosts the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid collaboration, the CERN openlab, the UNOSAT organization and participates in about 10 projects co-funded by the European Commission, including EMI and EGI-Inspire. Frédéric is a member of IEEE and ACM.

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