CERN School of Computing 2012
13-24 August, Uppsala, Sweden

Catharine Noble



Cath Noble is a certified Federal Instructor with the French Canoe and Kayak Federation, with a specialism in whitewater and freestyle kayaking. She is secretary of the CERN Canoe Club, and former coach and captain of CERN's highly successful dragon boat racing team, the "Hadron Dragons". Cath has been teaching canoeing for over 15 years.

She has been part of CERN since 2004 and working in IT since 2008 with the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid project office. Cath is deeply involved with web development at CERN, principally using Drupal with an emphasis on information architecture, usability, user experience, and generally trying to make our CERN websites a nicer place to be.

When not paddling or designing web sites, Cath can be found downhill mountain-biking, ski touring, and trail running, but normally not all at the same time



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