Virtualisation and Clouds




Lecture 1

Introduction to virtualisation technology

First lecture covers the definition and description of the various modes of virtualization techniques used in computing science, also from a historical perspective. Later we present the most recent advances and technology trends, in particular we will single out the server virtualization as a key enabling technology behind the emerging cloud computing paradigm.

Pere Mato

Lecture 2

Applications of the virtualisation technology

Second lecture deals with possible applications of server virtualization technology to support LHC computing effort. We will be using the CernVM project as an example to illustrate how a virtual machine can be crafted to act as an end-user work environment as well as job hosting environment running on cloud or Grid infrastructure.

Pere Mato

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Using a virtual machine for data analysis

The student will exercise how to setup a virtual machine and perform some simple analysis task (using ROOT for example) on a local host. Later we will show  how the same task can be achieved using cloud resources such as Amazon EC2.

Pere Mato
Jakob Blomer
Ioannis Charalampidis




Desirable Prerequisite

Very basic C++ and Linux/Unix environment is desirable. Some familiarity with ROOT will help.