1st  Thematic CERN School of Computing 2013
3-7 June 2013, Split, Croatia


Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Science, Poland

I am a PhD student from IFJ Cracow. I work in the LHCb and BaBar experiments on searches for Lepton Flavour/Number Violating Tau decays. I also study T Violation in B decays in the LHCb. I take part in the software development and testbeams data analysis for the SuperB experiment. I am also involved in the development of TAUOLA MC generator, namely the implementation of new LFV decays modes and new currents for 3 pion tau decays.

Used operating systems: Linux(Debian and RedHat flavor), Windows. Programming languages: C, C++, FORTRAN 90/95, PYTHON, CUDA, JAVA.


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